What It’s All About

Have you ever wondered what kinds of “scary” activities are happening inside American mosques? Do you get goosebumps when you hear the words Islam, Muslim, or Mosque? If you answered, “yes” or even “maybe” to these questions, then you have come to the right place!

As a Muslim American, I can tell you that you should be afraid – only if you are frightened by smiling children or if you are terrified of dedicated individuals with a commitment to community service. You should be scared of mosques if you dislike institutions that embrace racial and ethnic diversity or if you’re petrified of people with impeccable (yet modest) fashion sense.

Additionally, if you shudder at the thought of fostering good community relations amongst people of all faiths and backgrounds, otherwise known as interfaith programming, then you should head for the hills because mosques LOVE to promote positive values by hosting community building exercises. By now, I hope it’s evident that the only scary fact about American mosques is the fun you are missing out on!

This photo-blog is dedicated to dismantling the negative images the media feeds to the public regarding Muslims and the religion of Islam. It is an attempt to address the fear-mongering tactics employed first, by violent organizations who abuse Islam to serve their corrupt agendas, and second, by individuals who perpetuate hatred towards peacefully practicing Muslims. The reality is that Muslim Americans are average citizens who value all lives and liberties as sacred. We are as large a part of the social fabric of this great nation as any other community and we honor our freedoms by contributing in meaningful ways to the society in which we live.

If you are not afraid of promoting acceptance, then please visit Inside American Mosques for photo posts as we provide you with an intimate glimpse inside these peaceful places of worship, God-willing.

WARNING: You are about to see practicing Muslims in mosques engaging in activities that foster love, peace, unity, and respect towards other communities and amongst themselves. Regulation of prejudicial tendencies and discriminatory inclinations is advised.

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